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Hazel Brill, Lewdjaw, Jaf Yusuf, Karanjit Panesar and Daniela Zahlner



ebc present 1:15 a collection of 15 second works inspired by the format of the video ident or sting. feat. Hazel Brill, lewdjaw, Jaf Yusuf, Karanjit Panesar, and Daniela Zahlner.


First off there is Hazel's it has a golden dancing chip, and someone with a mic saying stuff and laughing. This ident also features a squirrel and some wooden chip forks. lewdjaw's has some x's that pivot around a bit, there are three of them, and they kind of look like there is blood dripping from them. In Jaf's a clown fish falls off a sofa, a sofa that is absolutely covered in other fish. In Karanjit's a plum coloured curtain hits a cube and floats away. It's got a green background, and there is a swelling sound. Finally is Daniela's which is very quick cut, and has Miley Cyrus in it briefly. It also has some text and green screen stuff and some old photographs. At one point there is some swearing.

Curated by ebc

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