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The Brit Method - Will Marshall
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14 Ways To Get Rich Quick

Life is about wealth. Money. Getting it, keeping it, spending it. Gaining more that we spend, holding it and stroking it. Loving and worshiping it. Nothing else provides such freedom and power. Some say it’s like a drug. But it’s no addiction, it’s a lifeblood. It is life. There are many ways go get money. The first decision you must make, is would you like to do it legally, or illegally (5. Print Money, 10. Steal). Or in the moral grey area that pretty much is illegal but technically isn’t (12. Exploit People). Then you must choose whether you are willing to work for it, or to simply invest what you already have, and watch it grow like a seed which you water and nurture with care (1. Win the Lottery, 6. Master Alchemy 11. Exploit a commodity). Or you could apply yourself and actually do something worthy of wealth, bring something new into the world and help the lives of others (8. Invent something) Then there are the lazy ways, which any idiot knows are the best. Who wants to work for their money? (2. Move to America, 3. Become famous, 4. Follow an online scam, 7. Marry someone rich) And finally, there are a few ways which are a little more left-field. Outside-the-box. Redefine the parameters (9. Pretend, 13. Dream it, 14. Lower your expectations). Fourteen ways to master life/money/life.

Curated by Ivanna Getrich

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