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Screen warp ~~ through water

Causing glitch effects with real life objects in the 'real world', this is a new direction for my practice having previously explored purely digital forms of glitching and video editing. 

With the escalation of technology and seduction of the digital, it is becoming more desirable to immerse oneself in the digital realm, and in as short of time as 50 years we may be spending longer in virtual realities than our own.

This is exciting but this project asks to what extent will we loose touch with our physical presence, apart from being a vessel to feed and water. If we can get back in contact with our tactile nature, through our digital world then maybe we can have the best of both.

Facebook glitch <~ looking through a wine glass. ~
🌲🌲📲 Digital to analogue to digital... 🔁 🌳 #andrepeat
Trying to glitch my eye with #light and #blueplastic ⚡️
Lights in the library 🔆 #extraterrestrial #blobs #ambientsounds
•• Editing through a #whiskey bottle #🥃 #wix #analogueglitch
Taking inspiration from my analogue glitches and how to bring these elements into my film making 🌀🌀💠 #funedits #playtime
Last few days of the residency now and I've been having a blast! Here's an analogue glitch I spotted on the way back to London #🛬
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