Beta Babes

BetaBabes is an experimental artist and curatorial collective composed of Francesca Altamura & Tamar Clarke-Brown. working at the intersection of art, digital practice and technology, the duo develop projects that are embedded in curatorial thinking and creative entrepreneurship. their work explores the playful potential of coding, algorithms and networked innovation, founded on a curatorial mode of thinking and working. in their projects they collaborate with interdisciplinary artists working with new and disruptive technologies to contribute to post-digital debates.

BetaBabes are on a mission to ‘demystify,’ seeking to encourage a more democratic scope and a heightened level of intimacy with arts practice for an online and offline public. together, they are especially interested in new modes of encounter and working, pritorizing the possibility of site-specific digital and net-based installation to increase audience engagement around emerging contemporary art.

BetaBabes is a creative and cultural partnership between Francesca Altamura and Tamar Clarke-Brown, conceived while the two attended the mfa in curating programme at university of london, goldsmiths (2016). their practices diverged early from conventional curatorial paths, and instead aligned with more expanded practices of digital curation and beyond. BetaBabes is an expansive digital platform founded to explore and produce the most contemporary digital manifestations, across a wide range of fields and disciplines, including moving image, installation, and performance.

Francesca Altamura is a curator, creator and New Yorker currently based in New York. her interests revolve around the possibilities, limitations and nexus between technology and culture, with particular emphasis on exhibition-making in connection to digital and networked platforms. she is committed to addressing counterpublics, especially as part of her collective endeavors, with (FΛG) Inclusive - an alternative commissioning platform rooted in feminist/ queer thoughts with W. Giovanni Gonzales, and n/ R (never Ripe | never Rotten)- a poetic endeavor in curating with Helena Lugo and John Kenneth Paranada. she is a frequent contributor to aqnb and screen shot magazine, where she also acts as director of digital initiatives. currently, she is curatorial assistant for the 2018 new museum triennial.

Tamar Clarke-Brown is a curator, critic and creator living and working in london. she is developing open and playful projects for the digital age, with the potential for greater connectivity, access and critical investigation through experimental use of technology. she has worked with institutions including Autograph ABP, Whitechapel Gallery, Courtauld Institute, Transmediale Festival and Bard Berlin. she writes for platforms including nts radio, aqnb and screen shot magazine. she is currently serpentine galleries curatorial assistant, and is working on their annual ‘marathon’ program initiated by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

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