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Ben Galyas

60 Images (2016)

Clerk 37

The Switch (2016)

Marissa Wedenig

Texting (2016)

Chaotic Communications

Exhibition #13, had work from 3 artists, Ben Galyas, Marissa Wedenig and Aidan Johnson (Clerk 37). The works all revolved around Galyas’ video work, which was made up of various images flashing up on the screen. Mostly images from popular culture, pixelated slightly, making it seem like they’re clippings taken from newspapers. This creates a stream of consciousness which becomes even more chaotic with the addition of Clerk 37’s incredibly frenzied footwork/drum and bass soundscape. This is ‘topped off’ with Wedenig’s stylised painting that focuses on late night texts with newly formed relationships. I feel that each piece works well with one another, forming this fast paced environment to experience.

​Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight

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