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to daIt looks like Jennifer didn't know much about Quadriga's day buisiness. most of her affidavit is info she gathered from Alex Hanin and Aaron Matthews. Those are the 2 dudes I think need to be looked at closely in this. They had a surprising amount of info. Jennifer appears to have gathered all of that and brought it to the courts 






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What's clear is that there was a plan and an unseen guiding hand moving things along through the process. A person with local contacts and language expertise. A person familiar with scamming and shady practices. Who fits that profile? What communication exists between Jennifer Forgeron/Robertson/Cotton and said person. What blood or tissue samples are retained in the hospital if any? The questions are many. Who was the body delivered to the hotel and where did it come from.


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    I really feel Jennifer wasn’t alone in India. Like imagine being on your honey-moon and your husband dies your alone in India. Instead of being scared and            depressed she orchestrated the whole thing with military precision knowing                exactly what needs to be done it just doesn’t make sense

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