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At this point, ‘seeking these lines out’ for weeks prior, repeatedly;

spending a lot of time in the search function - of any device


what if on that ‘krupt morning you realize you only have corrupted Notes ™.


stranded with awashness and water; beach vibes, pool vibes. the rest of it with the birds: another listening experience leaking into the real time situation, the possibility of producing spontaneous behavior within a formal setting.


How do you combat that stranded feeling? Do you remain idle?


Do you consider reading a lot of murder mysteries remaining idle?

I like to run. Actually, I don’t really like to run but I’ve done it for a million years. I ride my mountain bike on Mount Tam. I do the shopping. I keep the house.

Do you see that toy bird there, that little plastic cardinal? It has a sensor and if you trip the beam it starts chirping. My brain is as quiet as that little cardinal until something trips it. I’m shockingly passive.

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