Oh, hey Meaty, nice to see ya again.

Thanks for checking in, it really means a lot to me. I just wanna say I appreciate you.

Plus, I appreciate your help in all that before, you see, I think you really gotta appreciate people who help you out like that.








Sometimes it's not clear who's helping who and who made what in the digital world, just wanted to give you props.







Anyways, I've decided, I mean, I got some help, but I think I decided that I might lay off the plans for a little while.











Think me and Rover are gonna go back to making stuff the way we know. You know, he's really sensitive about this stuff.

So, yeah didn't want to make him mad. Still, thanks for your help though. But I think I'll just make things for my own memory now.

I did! I did make an Instagram account. Come follow me, it's @lentil.io. Cute name right.





I think I'll figure it out for myself. I even wrote something short about it. You know I've been doing some reading (ง '̀͜ '́ )ง.

Anyways, I'm glad we made it here. I'll share some stuff I've been making below. Hope to see you soon again Meaty. Cya.