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Crème Caramel


When I have endless scrolls, sometimes I need a park bench to sit on. I’ve been fascinated with benches for quite a few years now, for some reason it makes the art more important, it's the space being like you need to enjoy this art for long enough that you might want to sit down, and you need enough space watching this thing that you don’t feel like you need to move on, not some two seater video installation but seating that matches the size of the room, the importance of the art. Sometimes I need more time, time to watch and listen and to spend more time with the artists I’m working with, I’ve always come up with my best things while drunk and with artists. I first saw Maudie Gibbons work 'Crème Caramel' around two/three years ago and I don't think I’ve ever skipped it or paused it or changed the screen, it's something that I’ve felt like I’ve always needed to watch through. It has this enticing calmness that lets you pause for a little while, it doesn’t need anything else by it, anything next to it will just turn into padding: 100%; you can escape from the endless scroll, you don’t need to see anything else for a little while. Give yourself a mini-break, give yourself the excuse to wait a moment. You have already walked around the rest of the internet, frantically attempting to see everything before it shuts down, and found yourself in the first room with a bench and some art that you probably like. So let's hope that you are sitting down, and enjoy.

Curated by Jacob Watmore

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