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An experimental artist and curatorial collective composed of Francesca Altamura & Tamar Clarke-Brown. working at the intersection of art, digital practice and technology, they are especially interested in new modes of encounter, disruptive technologies and networked innovation. 

Irina Makarova 


Russian-American Brooklyn-based curator who still believes in witchhouse.

Shira Jeczmien
Screen Shot Magazine


Writer and founder of Screen Shot Magazine. Politics and technology are my schtick, even though I might not know all that much about either.



Founded by Olivia Aherne
and Helen Barr, and formed without a permanent
physical space, DRIVE-THRU functions both on and
offline with a focus on innovative and
experimental modes of exhibition.With reference
to the fast, 24 hour access and open-to- all
model of the ‘drive-thru’, our curatorial
practice focuses on democratic exhibition making
and access to knowledge.

Wade Wallerstein


I am a graduate student
studying Digital Anthropology, as well as a
perpetual art world intern working at the
intersection of art and digital media.

Sofia Gallarate
Screen Shot Magazine


Writer and researcher.
I have the unfortunate passion of writing about violence and the Internet. And violence on the Internet. And the Internet’s violence. Also co-editor and image editor of Screen Shot.

Rachael Rosen Ltd Ed

Sound & Visual Artist/ Other. Creating / interpreting / channeling (((sonic))) environments and non-linear narratives. Digital Native@Quantum Natives.

Cédric Fauq

Curator and writer based
in between Nottingham and London, co-founder of Currently researching on
strategies to stage blackness beyond the

Gaby Sahhar


Artist, founder of project space @queerdirect

Until November 22

isthisit? (host)

Sessa Omoregie (web design)
Jacqueline Anerella (design)
Emma Barnaby (sound design)

Off Site Project


Online gallery space run
by Pita Arreola (@pitarreola) and Elliott Burns
(@burnselliott). New exhibitions every 2 months +
downloadable micro-ZIP-file-exhibitions once a


[ANTI]MATERIA, founded
by Doreen A. Ríos, is an online platform that
focuses on the research and exhibition of Latin
American digital art. It aims to create
exchanges between art professionals, researches
and technologists interested in digital

Dan Adeyemi


Coder/Artist. Does
things with computers, mainly around

Maisie Florence Post

I am most interested
in how the Internet can democratise the art
world. I seek to explore such themes in the
exhibitions I curate.

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