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Speculation continues whether Cotten can be found in the cloud of afterlife,

 On 9th December 2018, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga CX dies. Gerald Cotten personally held the passwords to customers' digital wallets, thereby rendering $190 million lost or missing.

or whether he has faked his death in India and currently enjoys a Sun-&-Sea experience in one of the world's numerous Crypto Havens.


Posted by u/Crypto_Bulldog

6 months ago


The suspicion behind the death of QuadrigaCX CEO


Is Gerald Cotten really dead? Is there even a cold storage? Mysterious past bonds with a convict and an anonymous Reddit user claiming to be “extremely close with the family”. Cotten files a will just two weeks before death, gives everything to his wife. Sounds so sketchy!

He left $100,000 for his two dogs, but forgot about 100,000 users in QuadrigaCX? This sure sounds like a Mexican soap with thriller elements.

Posted by u/QCXINT

3 months ago

Gerald Cotten, aka Sceptre

Using a variety of OSINT tools and research, we're going to demonstrate the chain of evidence confirming that Gerald Cotten, QuadrigaCX CEO, was also known as "Sceptre" online.






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Posted by u/normal_rc

6 months ago

Did the QuadrigaCX CEO exit scam, by faking his own death in India? Apparently, there's a whole industry in India that provides fake doctors notes & fake death certificates to tourists.

How To Get A Fake Doctor's Note In India

How to Buy Your Own Death Certificate in India

Want a fake death certificate?


"Businessman jailed for faking his own 'brain fever' death in India to pocket £1m life insurance to clear his family's mounting debts. "

Has anyone actually seen the QuadrigaCX CEO's body?

AgentSox 7 points· 6 months ago

- It would have to be DNA-tested -- not just seen, I suspect.


  - -  gottagetminenow 7 points· 6 months ago

         Can you even DNA test

cremated remains?


  - - -  BitterContext 3 points· 6 months ago· edited 6 months ago

            No at that prolonged temperature the DNA is destroyed and cannot be analysed. Except that if some parts the body, bones teeth etc are not completely turned to ash, some DNA might be extracted. This may be more likely on a funeral pyre if some parts of the body are not burned thoroughly.



a remarkable ability to be both in Crypto Heaven and in Crypto Haven transforms Gerald Cotten to a Schrödinger's quantum phenomenon...

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