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Katie Tindle

Workbook 8 (2016)

Sarah Crew

Reclaimed Lands (2015)

Will Hurt

Automated Spatial Transformations (House VI) (2016)

Data Fragmentations

Exhibition #21 was all about the deconstruction of information, with each of the three different works analysing data in various ways. Katie Tindle’s ‘Workbook 8’ explores the artist’s desktop and a constantly evolving Excel spreadsheet, with a range of personal data being added as the video piece continues on. It all feels very open and free, taking into consideration ideas about personal space in the age of the internet, which feeds well into Sarah Crew’s video piece ‘Reclaimed Lands’, which she describes as an “engaging, poignant and at times humorous alternative in-flight film”. Over the course of the four-minute escapade, the various narrators explore the notion of lostness, questioning whether someone can truly be lost in the 21st century internet machine. Will Hurt’s generative animation ‘Automated Spatial Transformations (House VI)’ ties everything together, with 3D models of buildings endlessly reconfiguring themselves in an information overload.

​Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight

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