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Discourse of Machines and Machines of Discourse

Discourse of Machines and Machines of Discourse aims to explore the Open Source curatorial model and the Museum 3.0 ideal. Initiated by Milk member Adam Goodwin, the project welcomes the user to enter anonymously or otherwise and upload images, videos, sounds, 3D models, text works and any other form of output desired onto an open google doc. This website intervention will permit any user to produce and manipulate content at any given moment from anywhere. This is to exemplify the idea that the value of a space is determined by the sum of the activities of those who use it. The resultant data will then be curated into a three dimensional digital gallery space. Due to the users potential for anonymity while utilising the platform, full creative license and freedom of expression can be achieved void of cyber-social anxiety. The experiment seeks to allow access into the depths and recesses of public opinion during a period of worldwide unrest and tension.

Curated by Milk Collective

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