Double Yolk in collaboration with Women Artists of the North East Library

Double Yolk Double Yolk is an art collective formed of final year Newcastle University Fine Art students and we have been running projects for the past year. The collective was created in response to a conversation a group of the now members had during our second year (2015/6). We all shared a love of Newcastle’s art scene but felt a lack of connection to the art students and art scenes of other locations and wanted to remedy this. All of us were interested in conversations of how art student’s related to and functioned within contemporary art scenes, and we wanted to expand this dialogue out of Newcastle.


Our aims are to highlight artist led activities in Newcastle as well as connecting artists across the UK through exhibiting collaboratively. Through these connections we want to facilitate conversations around what it is to create art within an institution; how we adapt and develop once we graduate out of this academic system and what current barriers we face in forging artistic careers (such as financial, social and travel related) that we want to question and subvert. The formula we are currently using is two partner exhibitions, one in Newcastle and one in the location of the people we are working with.

Women Artists of the North East Library is a 6 month long temporary project initiated by Holly Argent and Rene McBrearty. Taking up residence within The Northern Charter in Newcastle, they plan to build a collection of material to form a library of women artists from the North East of England. By bringing together different types of material, including books, art, photographs, letters, oral histories and music, they seek to form a usable resource that contributes to the history of women artists working in the region. During the research residency they will be posing various question to the community, such as what could it mean to have a regional library of only women artists? How might the community want to use it, and whether it will have the potential to form part of a collective memory? The Northern Charter will host the library until February 2018 and act as a meeting place to share information, present findings and host events in collaboration with artists and local groups.

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