DRIVE-THRU is a curatorial collective founded by Olivia Aherne and Helen Barr, students of the MA Curating Contemporary Art course at the Royal College of Art, London. Formed without a permanent physical space, DRIVE-THRU functions both on and offline with a focus on innovative and experimental modes of exhibition. It focusses on creating and facilitating spaces at the intersections of art and technology with an aim to increase opportunities for artists globally. With reference to the fast, 24 hour access and open-to-all model of the ‘drive-thru’, their curatorial practice focuses on democratic exhibition making and access to knowledge.

DRIVE-THRU are currently developing various future projects, this includes utilising online exhibition spaces, Google Drives, apps, live feeds, hackpad spaces and existing online networks as well as thinking about how technology and digital artistic practices can be presented and engaged with in real life.

Curated shows for isthisit?