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Emily Simpson

everything I've ever searched for

6:00 - 8:00 pm




1. name? emily 
2. contact?
3. where do you live? nottingham, where i have my studio in primary <3
4. where are you from? sunny salford, but then i lived in leeds for a bit and now notts
5. what do you hate the most? when people pronouce salford salford, when we pronounce it solford really :/
6. what do you love the most? i love thinking about work i can make, i love that more than i love making it
7. favourite colour? P I N K
8. what do you like to do in your spare time? i like to think about things and go on the internet
9. do you work out every week? no but i go to zumba every week because the art world can be too serious and sometimes i just have to be in place where i can dance and clap all at once
10. are you single? yessss
11. whats your favourite day of the week? they are all my favourite
12. how long does it take you to fall asleep? aageesss because i check my messages and then i scroll a bit and then before i know it im in a web hole :/
13. favourite food? ohh there are too many. but i like foods beginning with c
14. favourite font? they're all my favourite. but i like comic sans because im a m i l l e n i a l so i cant help it i  just <3 nostalgia
15. who’s your hero? philomena cunk <3 jeremy deller, erica scourti, rachel maclean,  petra cortright and that guy who knits jumpers of places and then takes pictures of himself stood in front of them <3
16. whats the first thing you did when you woke up today? ermm i checked my phone then felt guilty cos id overslept and i should be in the studio
17. are you looking forward to friday? yesss going to some openings and getting my network on (y)
18. who do you like? on facebook or on real life?
19. if you could have one wish what would it be? you know that's not a fair question, and im pretty hungry at the moment so other than FOOOD i would wish for some steady surfaces for us all to grab onto
20. whats your middle name? i have two, ha
21. are you happy with how things are going right now? ermmmm im happy with how a few things are going, but generally NOOOO, wtf brexit?
22. what makes you sad? that we are post-everything, post-brexit, post-trump, post-truth, post-human, post-internet, post-posts, so many things to be post and so few things being posted :(
23. last place you went besides your house? to the coooo-op for emergency snacks
24. who was the last person to call you? idk but i know who the last person to not call me was :(
25. did anything embaressing happen this week? yes i think it was embaressing for all involved.
26. do you get praised for your looks? no but if you google ed miliband sassy i want to look like that and then i will be praised :')
27. where do you find your inspiration? right there in this meme  - - - - - - >
28. what did you last order online? i would like to say books, but jeans
29. what tabs are open on your computer right now? vimeo, email, facebook, this, and some articles im going to close and pretend i never planned on reading anyway
30. do you think anyone has feelings for you? for sure but what does that even mean
31. do you care if people hate you for no reason? noo but i will make them like me. not because i need them to like me, but because i need to know i can make them like me?
32. are you starting to realise anything? starting to realise i need a wee, and that me and my laptop need some time apart.
33. where will you be in an hour? probably right here though :/

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