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Patrick Schabus
We had the experience but missed the meaning (2016)

Andrew McSweeney
I Don't Lie On a Chaise Longue... (2016)

Amber Clausner

WE FEEL (2016)

Forward Thinking Futures

For the 32nd online exhibition, titled ‘Forward Thinking Futures’ three video works were exhibited, each looking towards the future of various objects or philosophies. Patrick Schabus’ film ‘We had the experience but missed the meaning’ is made up of scavenged and distorted footage, fabricating a fictitious future society that seems to be reflecting on the past state of video as a medium, whilst simultaneously informing the viewer of how film is being seen in this future tense. Having created this narrative, Schabus is able to reflect on the now as its occurring in front of our eyes; a feature of the piece that becomes increasingly meta as time continues forwards. Amber Clausner’s seemingly oppressive experience ‘WE FEEL’ is a collection of clips taken from YouTube, each of which predominantly feature the film maker vocally responding to the environmental phenomena that they’re documenting. In doing so, Clausner is visually critiquing how we consume content in the digital age, usually through the medium of a screen rather than through our own eyes. The childlike voice that’s heard throughout seems to hint at the wonder that is simulated by individuals everywhere when watching these short videos online, grown adults being transformed into awe inspired infants. The final piece, Andrew McSweeney’s video ‘I Don't Lie On a Chaise Longue...’ is responding to an interview with Sean Scully where the artist was basically stating that he didn’t sit around and complain all day, basking in the wealth that he had already accumulated. Although Scully belongs to an older generation of artists, his forward thinking personal philosophy is more attuned to a younger artist, working his way towards future success. This quote from Scully has been transformed by McSweeney into an incredibly minimal, endlessly repeating animation.

Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight

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