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A series of video works, conceived as digital components for physical sculptural structures as part of Emotional Processing, a solo exhibition in Warrington, UK. 

Looped self-portraits created in response to the nagging sensation of my existence as something performative + the predicament of being seen or judged by unseen others. 
Fantasy, a retreat into the safe stages of cyberspace. A refuge from an equally wobbly wider reality, post-truth. A validation engine for the filling of psychological voids. A closed loop, a circle, no progress, back to square one. A body’s new position as a flat object. I watch myself through the eyes of the Other that lives inside my head, and vice versa. Embrace the mask, because it is paradoxically more authentic than pretending to be real. Trap me inside your devices.

£100 Digital Edition of 10

Your purchase includes:

HD video as a .mov file 1:04
Your edition number
Your certificate of authenticity

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