My work is concerned with watching you, watching me, watching, you, watching me. Voyeurism, surveillance, sexuality and the online especially in relation to Panopticism are among my interests. Integration of the internet and the development of technology is, for me, a constant source of raw material. Whether its using webcams as a benthamite lense, the webpage as an exhibition space, or exploring the power dynamics of watching and being watched - these are all central to my investigation of intimacy via the screen.  I can see you and I want you to see me…(as an artist, a curator, an intern, a webcam girl.)
I am currently obsessed with censorship and institutional critique, as it’s something I am experiencing constantly. I’m frustrated with the increasing capitalization of art schools, artist application fees and unpaid fucking internships. Performance and the internet allows me to make work with very little cost and the relational aesthetics and politics wrapped up in this through the themes I am exploring is super important to my personal work as well as curatorial practice.

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