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Chloe - painting 2.jpg

Chloe Gatrell

At the beginning of her time in Cyprus Chloe decided to use photography as her source for ideas. As Chloe progressed though experimenting with materials she found that sculpture and found object became her interest. Chloe recreated shapes and compositions found in the photographs through clay and wood. Chloe also experimented with print and painting during her time at Cyprus School of Art.

Chloe was also determined to learn a new skill whilst participating in this residency. Whilst in Cyprus Chloe took part in a ceramic workshop where she learn how to throw with a pottery wheel. Chloe is now determined to carry on learning and advance in ceramics.


The dialogue between people and place is something Chloe Gatrell explores by using organic and architecturally related materials. The mundane movements made by the human body in a day to day life become part of a conversation within the fixed forms of architecture, meaning that these social communications become part of her practice.

The tool of making within Gatrell’s work become a resemblance of the synergy between people and places. The artist manipulates industrial material and process within these works to create movements experienced in and around architecture.

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