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Louise        Webb

Cyprus was a place of making, of contemplating, of distractions, of hard truths, of inspiration, of collaboration and of acceptance.

After a period of confusion and multiple distractions, Louise Webb found herself hiding from the making process of her practice. Stuck in a state of thinking and over-preparation.

On her way to Cyprus, she was hit by both excitement and anxiety of being faced with the openness of creating and being alone with my creative thoughts.

The act of painting had begun something that had blurred into the background. She entered Cyprus with the hope that she could paint (no ideas of what she would create). On arrival, Louise Webb picked up some cheap paint and played with the colour and surface. This made her feel something she had not felt in a long time, a blur between a thrilling sensation and the comfort of a distant acquaintance.

Although it was the act that excited her rather than the final pieces.

Louise Webb found herself in taking moments away from this consuming act. In these brief moments, she began to notice the small repetitions of the moving nature around her. Through recurrence, these became a sensation of security and familiarity. The hypnotizing sensations of something constantly changing created bizarrely a grounded feeling. Louise Webb thought she was looking for silence and stillness in Cyprus but instead, she found a perpetual beat.

Is this temporary love? - “There is the party”


The desire for stillness, a moment of consuming silence. Distracted by glimpses of movement that appear in dancing forms, reminding you of impulse. Returning to the same places and being momentary present. It can never be still or silent, the worlds cling to the brief yet consistent swaying, ebbing and rustling sensations. It is the breathing of the inanimate and you realise that you are not alone, it is not silent. It is to be alive.

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