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limited edition of 20


The second issue of the isthisit? magazine is 96 pages and composed of artworks, essays, interviews and one podcast, considering memes and appropriation on the internet. In the United States 2016 presidential election, memes are said to have played a fundamental role, with individuals on 4chan claiming that they were responsible for Donald Trump's rise to power due to the amount of memes that were created and shared on a daily basis. This issue of the magazine hopes to consider the power of the meme, it's rise in contemporary culture and the widespread appropriation of images and videos being utilised, both in memes and artworks.

Artist Features

Rosie Back, Jade Annaw, Peter Barnard, Olly Bharat, Marc Blazel, Alice Bradnack, Uma Breakdown, Juan Covelli, Ed Fornieles, Jenny Francis, Ben Grosser, Michelle Hannah, Alexander Harding, Elliot Hewgill, Realf Heygate, Martin Kellett, Burkut Kum, Heleen Mineur, Eden Mitsenmacher, Camilla Edstrom Odemark, Hollie Page, Alastair Peat, Duncan Poulton, Christopher Priestman, Tyler Robarge, Aaron Scheer, Emily Simpson, Joseph Whitmore, Hannah Willcocks, Trystan Williams

Artist interviews

Bora Akincitürk and Berk Çakmakçi interviewed by Iain Ball

Kate Cooper interviewed by Chris Bayley

Natalie Lambert interviewed by Bob Bicknell-Knight


Bob Bicknell-Knight, Amber Clausner, Lucy Cowling, Stacey Davidson and Pippa Eason, Daniel Keller, Thomas Tyler, Trystan Williams


Sid and Jim (Artists and Friends) in conversation with Bob Bicknell-Knight

USB drives

Elliot Dodd, Roxman Gatt, Bex Ilsley, Will Kendrick, Jonathan Monaghan, Jake Moore,  Charles Richardson, Sophie Rogers, Owen Thackeray

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