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isthisit? issue 05

Over 200 pages / A5 size / Full colour printing / Perfect bound / 170 gsm silk paper cover / 130 gsm silk paper inside

physical (UK postage)

limited edition of 100


physical (non UK postage)

limited edition of 100


Launching on the 7th August 2018 in conjunction with the exhibition Terms and Conditions May Apply at Annka Kultys Gallery.

Artist contributions from Aaron Vergult, Addie Wagenknecht, Adrien Grigorescu, Alyssa Davis, Ben Sang, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Bryant Girsch, Caitlin Dick, Dawoon Kim, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Gideon Vass, Girls unawares™, James Irwin, Jason Isolini, Jillian Mayer, Joe Whitmore, Katharina Joy Book, Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Lukas Schmeck, Marion Balac, Michaela Nettell, Moises Sanabria, Nadim Abbas, Nex (Claudio Guarnieri), Owen Thackeray, Patrick Colhoun, Robby Toles, Romain Curnier, Ronnie Karfiol, Rosa Nuutinen, Roxman Gatt, Samantha Harvey, Santiago Muedano, Shamus Clisset, Stelios Ilchouk, Tamara Kametani, Teresa Hunyadi, Tom Galle and Trevor Paglen.

Essays from Amber Clausner, Caitlin Dick, Cansu Topaloglu, Chloe Patricia O'Neill, Jakob Rowlinson, Julio Rodriguez, Mathias Jansson, Natalya Serkova, Off Site Project (Elliott Burns & Pita Arreola), Phett Waivv, Vanessa Kowalski and Wade Wallerstein


Interview contributions from Bob Bicknell-Knight in conversation with Helena Kate Whittingham, Caroline Elbaor with Christopher Aque and Jameson Johnson in conversation with Chantal Zakari and Mike Mandel.

isthisit? issue 5 concerns the current state of surveillance, how offline and online life has become increasingly monitored and mediated by corporations and government bodies. Is a surveillance state something to be sought after, enabling the young and old to traverse dark streets late at night, or would this swiftly turn into a thinly veiled dystopian nightmare, built on elegant rhetoric subliminally insinuating that minority groups are the problem, forcing the lower classes out of cities and into oblivion? Or has this not already happened on a world wide scale? Is it ethically and morally correct to use a data-mining company to manipulate and seduce voters? Who makes the rules in a society that increasingly resembles a totalitarian paradise? The upcoming book seeks to investigate and question these fundamental and increasingly pertinent questions.


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