isthistit? AFK, Installation view, 2016

isthistit? AFK, Installation view, 2016

isthistit? AFK, Installation view, 2016

Michael Wynne, Look Dick Look, 2015


21.59cm x 27.94cm

Joseph Cotgrave, POZ, 2016

HD Video

15 min 46 sec

Joseph Cotgrave, Eviplera, 2016 Hard boiled sweets

Dimensions variable

isthistit? AFK, Installation view, 2016

Peter Barnard, Forest, 2016

HD Video, sound

4 min 30 sec

Taylor Ellis, I can cry and take my clothes off, 2016 HD Video

46 sec

Radoslav Daskalov, @lilmiquela, 2016

Silver gelatin print, magnets, nails

20cm x 20cm

Camilla Edstrom Odemark, Leitourgia, 2015

HD Video, sound

5 min 50 sec

Neale Willis, Pardon the Dust, 2016

m4a audio file

8 min 20 sec

Elliot Hewgill, isoprenearmouredfilamentphobia, 2016

Wicker basket, assorted cables

30cm x 40cm x 30cm

Lisa Kuglitsch, Kette, 2016

Plastic, glue

20cm x 19cm x 9cm

isthistit? AFK, Installation view, 2016

Pippa Eason, Memealith, 2016

Foam, prints, plastic, expanding foam, burberry

107cm x 11cm

Bex Ilsley, Sugarspeak, 2016

HD Video

3 min 43 sec

Elliot Hewgill, *RARE VIYNL* VideoGame OSTs (1998-2003), 2016

Record box, vinyl sleeves

Dimensions variable

Naomi Ellis, NFVisle blue & NFVisle orange, 2016

Vacuum formed sculptures (clay, plaster, MDF),LED lights

22cm x 7cm x 6cm

Bob Bicknell-Knight, SOPA, 2016

Fabric print

170cm x 140cm

Will Marshall, The Brit Method, 2016

mp3 audio file

23 min 24 sec

isthistit? AFK, Installation view, 2016

Aidan Strudick, Cable Attraction, 2015


Owen Thackeray, Fuel-TaNk, 2016

PVC print

75cm x 150cm

Riley Burks, I Want to Smash My iPhone, 2016

Printed satin

67cm x 67cm

Stacey Davidson, *lips* *diamond*, 2016

Acrylic, marker pen, spray paint and collage on canvas

120cm x 80cm

Sid and Jim, line of best fit, 2016

Digital print on canvas

80cm x 60cm

Campbell MCconnell, Access to Problems, 2016

mp3 file

7 min 23 sec

Sophie Rogers, Elevating ASMR to an Artform, 2016

HD Video, sound

11 min 4 sec