Jake Moore is an artist and curator based in Nottingham, UK. In an increasingly ubiquitous technological climate, his practice considers the elastic relationship between the simulated and the real, the artificial and the natural. 

In his current practice he questions the seduction and perceptual spectacle of digital simulation, examining the potential that computer generated imagery can provide in constructing the technological sublime. Using animation, he is interested in highlighting the Uncanny moments of slippage within the digital translation of natural forms and textures. As our relationship with screens becomes more immersive, he is concerned with disrupting and deconstructing this process as a method of questioning our faith in the facade of the digital image. 

Jake Moore is also the co-director of Delta Sorority, an organisation based in Nottingham, UK that works to provide a platform for the promotion, connection, and exhibition of digital artists. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2015, achieving a BA in Fine Art, and has since exhibited across the UK and internationally.

Curated shows for isthisit? 


Body Preservation