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Let Me Slide Between Two Worlds

Taking survival and escape as its main theme; the work ‘Let Me Slide Between Two Worlds’ plays our longing for something other that the intensely corporate, concrete and steel world that we have built around us. The work invites the viewer to enter a saturated environment in which objects have been traditionally crafted alongside digital components. Drone sits with hand carved bow and smithed hunting knife. VR helmet hangs in front of the camp allowing a moment of warmth in front of the fire. The scene is watched over by a bound monitor which acts as interim between the physical and virtual realms.

The full 8 minute video is split into 15 parts, with each edition being a unique 32 second extract of the full video.

£50 Digital Edition of 15

Your purchase includes:

HD video as a .mov file 00:32
Your edition number
Your certificate of authenticity

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