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Limbo Lambada


Limbo Lambada manifested itself as a pop-up show at HUTT and was documented and reconfigured as an online exhibition on isthisit?, featuring work by: Charlotte Cullen, Craig Fisher, Emily Simpson, Emii Alrai, Suzanne Van der Lingen and Victoria Grenier. Liminal spaces, borders, binaries as a source of tension and investigation, a language, code or system of understanding.

A binary opposition creates a dialogue or conversation, but how do binaries operate as part of our digital image culture? One binary holds a non-physical space, and is a coded language which operates a system of interaction, the internet. The internet was once considered to be a space without borders, a utopian zone. Today the proliferation of images and their consumption online, brings into question its validity as a venue for artistic and cultural exchange. The web holds an importance, as an archive documenting the exchange through physical movement and migration of language and cultural practices. Another binary, whose presence can be felt universally, is a border between nations. The binary and politics of borders, the physical definition, transience or temporality of these spaces in relation to contemporary ideas of hybridity and in-betweeness.

Curated by HUTT Collective

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