Shin-Gi-Ru by LITMIS

Supervisor : Dooyong Ro


Members : Dongha Lee, Yuho Yang, Howon Lee, Sunghyun Hwang, Yubin Kim


Music composed by Dooyong Ro

Lyrics by Dooyong Ro

Mixed by Changhee Han


Director : Dooyong Ro

Camera : Seunghee Han

Assistant director : Jiyoung Kim, Jihye Han

iPad camera : Young Q Sohn, Dooyong Ro

Choreography : Seungjin Yang, Dooyong Ro

Styling : Seunghee Son, Sejung Yoon, Dooyong Ro

Art director : Dooyong Ro

Graphic designer : Jaeho Shin

Photography : Wontae Go, Dooyong Ro

Editor : Dooyong Ro

Assistants : Sungsil Ryu, Kijun Kim, Hyunjin Cho, Gyuyeon Jo, Sunghyun Cho

Project Subject

The purpose of this project is to integrate the social context of the idol group and the parts that can be borrowed from the idol industry into the artist’s previous works based on the military. Therefore, the artist intends to produce the idol group LITMIS, which will break down the boundaries of sexual role and play a self- reflective character while playing the role of an actual idol through the processes and outcomes that occur during the production of the LITMIS project. LITMIS is a five-member boy group and is not a group that appeals to masculine strength. Also, it is not a group that emphasises neatness combined with boy’s beauty. However, it is a group that constantly explores the intermediate points in between. For the production of the idol group LITMIS, which reflects these characteristics, the artist borrows images of existing idol groups and recreates these images using symbols derived from the military.

The name of the group (LITMIS) is produced by removing the parentheses of Milit (ary) S (ervice) and using an anagram. Thus, the LITMIS project is assembled by transforming ‘the original’. For example, the styling of LITMIS is based on military uniforms and military clothing etiquette, the debut single is made by dismantling a martial song, and the choreography is made with reference to military gymnastics. This project combines military symbols, which could be symbols of an extreme male group, with a neutral and androgynous image directed by LITMIS, and induces the overthrowing of the meaning.