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look to the future-past

Curated by Marilyn Roxie

Featuring work from Carl Abrahamsson, Ben Redmond, Matthew Duhamel, Bug Davidson, Shannon Cochrane, Irina Contreras, Elia Vargas, Karl Erickson, Dean Winkler, Maureen Nappi, Donald S Butler, Joseph Bernard, Alan Goodrich, Theadora Walsh, Polina Khatsenka, Jan Krombholz, Kit Young and Perry Bard


look to the future-past is an online exhibition bringing together contemporary videos that make reference back to video art and experimental film of the past. Over the course of the week, these videos will be revealed to you in ones and twos, culminating in an hour-long compilation of the whole. Structural film, video feedback, collage...Brakhage, Jarman, Rosler, Paik, the Vasulkas...Styles, techniques, and hallowed names to deconstruct, update, and upend. Abstraction and ambience reign supreme in this collection of works, though the drama of the everyday too shines through

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