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Day 2

Matthew Duhamel

This piece was done as a structural film, all the major ingredients follow the rule of 15.


Every second of animation is 15 frames.


The contents of each frame was considered for 15 seconds and then drawn for 15 seconds.

The sound you hear is 15 seconds of dialog from 15 randomly selected films with each piece of sound coming from 15 minutes into the movie.


The actual animation, sans credits, is 15 seconds long.

Shannon Cochrane, Irina Contreras, Bug Davidson

Semiotics of the (Mexican) Kitchen

A tribute video. Made in residency at Perform Guapamacátaro, Center for Art and Ecology Mexico, Residency 2016 by Shannon Cochrane, Irina Contreras and Bug Davidson. Performed by Irina Contreras.

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