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Day 3

Elia Vargas
grass wool signal scan: an adaptation of NZ is Terrible

"grass wool signal scan" is a single channel video adaptation of the travelogue zine "NZ is Terrible", a series of fake Facebook posts written by Marie Hoff and compiled into a short story while doing research on wool in New Zealand. The video is a multi-signal path short video using different analog and digital techniques, shot on location of Marie's sheep grazing in West Sonoma County. The video is a meditation on symbolic and material links between grazing land in California and New Zealand, and relationships between grass, wool, and the fabric of information signal.

As a project that adapts the narrative device of social media and public digital space, "grass wool signal scan" is a contemporary homage to early experimental narrative structures such as "Window Water Baby Moving" by Stan Brakhage and "Sans Soleil" by Chris Marker, while focusing on a multi-species materialism that de-centers the human, gender binaries, and the nature-culture divide. 

Karl Erickson
Life Can Be Difficult

A reaction to the gut-wrenching wretchedness of the current predicament in which our small, fallible world is trapped.

This video was made with analog video tools (wobbulator, Jones Colorizer) as well as new digital tools that recreate analog functions.

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