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Day 5

Alan Goodrich

From That House in the Glen

A lazy, hazy afternoon passed watching the light shift. All of summer in a day.


Like much video art of the 1970s and early 80s (Bill Viola and Brian Eno for instance), my video combines an intense desire to explore what can be seen through the video camera eye. Like early video art, this becomes a performance of and through the camera, mapping out how the video eye can see by means of experimentation and comparison.

Theadora Walsh

Alphabet Poems

These short video gifs are animated poems which center around a specific letter. Each attempts to mirror the impermanence and fracturing nature of reading on the internet. Words appear like pop up ads and the page imitates the scroll. The letter, a floating anachronistic emblem, grounds each piece. They have been shown at Baby Castles in New York and 811 Taraval in San Francisco.

This work was directly inspired by Ana Maria Uribe's anipoems ( Made in 1997-2000 these simple monochrome animations “are typography and motion, in that order.” Inspired by Apollinaire’s poetry and Morgenstern’s “Night Song of the Fish,” she explores new mediums for presenting visual poetry.

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