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Day 7

Kit Young

Your Cage is Ready
This video short is a Neo-Brutalist essay on contemporary life in the USA. I reserve my creator’s prerogative to say as little as I like about this piece, save that it reflects current events in the USA in a personal and emotional way. This was filmed in a video feedback environment I built. Its core element is a sculpture of a cage that I made, which measures about 9 inches square. Over this I have keyed in synthesized video clips of graffiti and a trip across the Bay Bridge. It is mostly one continuous clip, with no after-effects applied. I mean it to be as performative as possible, because working live, in an expanded cinema format is my goal.

My video synthesis and feedback systems use tools that are direct descendants of tools invented by the founders of video art; Nam June Paik, Bill Etra, Dave Jones, Steina and Woody Vasulka, and on. I hope to honor their legacy by realizing my own creative vision as clearly as possible.

Perry Bard

Mothlight Distributed
Six versions of Mothlight were downloaded from Youtube creating a cameraless film using versions of the original, distortions of the past in the present.

I met Stan Brakhage in the 80's after his film Dog Star Man had been released on VHS. I asked him how he felt about it. He said he hated how it looked but more people were getting to see it. Mothlight Distributed, also made without use of a camera, is culled from versions of Mothlight uploaded to Youtube with a nod to Brakhage for his forward thinking.

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