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Not Just A Pretty Face

Your Beautiful Collective is pleased to present our group curatorial project, Not Just a Pretty Face. With the online gallery, isthisit?, as our featured platform, Not Just A Pretty Face has invited five artists working in video and digital media to produce short .gif videos surrounding themes of artificial beauty and its relationship to artificial and synthetic intelligence. This curatorial endeavour centres on the relationship between beauty standards and online spaces and how the burgeoning of synthetic online environments is analogous to the burgeoning of digitally enhanced portrayals of bodies. This series of short looping .gif videos come to represent the continuous loop of information, images and influence online platforms provide and how they come to project ideals into culture. Furthermore, this project is interested in synthetic, cyborg bodies and the relationship that exists between cultural ideals and digital platforms. With the de-materialization of the art gallery, bringing it into the digital sphere, Your Beautiful Collective is employing our engagement with art in the digital space as a mechanism to think about beauty standards and how they too are brought into and reinforced in the digital sphere. How can online platforms and the synthesization of culture, create a synthesization of the body? And further, how do digital landscapes become new terrain for the enforcement of norms and the establishment of ideals? It is these questions we hope to critically consider through the works of Jess Young, Victoria Lucas, Erma Fiend (Emily Friend), Hattie Ball and Jake Moore.

Curated by Your Beautiful Collective

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