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Thomas Tyler

Liquid Perfection (2016)

Helena Kate Whittingham

Cabin Fever (2014)

Jake Mullins

White and Blue Pot (2016)

Obsessive Simulation

For #17 there were three different works from three different artists, each considering the idea of the simulation in their own unique way. This began with Thomas Tyler’s video work ’Liquid Perfection’, contemplating notions of millennial narcissism, which was aptly linked to video games, particularly those with single player narratives from the late 90s/early 2000s, where the simulated worlds revolved around you as the player, disconnected from the internet and your peers. In these virtual worlds you as the player are constantly the centre of attention, a fact Tyler uses within the film to question whether or not the video games that millennials connected with when they were young has had an impact on their later life solipsism. Helena Kate Whittingham’s ‘Cabin Fever’ accompanied Tyler’s work, featuring the artist dancing to Fever by Madonna, donning a purple wig whilst staring back into the webcam, seemingly obsessed with her own performance. The audio on YouTube is muted for copyright reasons, playing into ideas of ownership and consent which is prevalent in both video works. Jake Mullins’ 'White and Blue Pot' completes the simulation, with a painting imitating the 'perfect home' which is always present in Home Style magazines, containing various plants sitting on a clear surface.

​Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight

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