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The body is central to feminist critiques of sex and gender as the body is the site of visual difference and it is through the body that difference is experienced and lived. The development of technology and the inception of the Internet have opened up endless possibilities for alternate online spaces and virtual worlds and the body has now moved online into digital spaces. New online realms exist where digital selves can be, individually and collectively, unbound by real life gender binaries and fleshy form. However, as developments in technology create new emancipatory spaces for gender and identity, they also produce a proliferation of online discrimination, the objectification and abuse of digital bodies and an influx of manipulated images that stereotype. With the move from analogue to digital and more recently, to virtual systems of representation, the body is being experienced and represented in new ways, digitally and virtually.


out_of_body asks what are the limits and freedoms of gender and representation in relation to the digital body? And are new technologies and online spaces helpful for our understanding of gender, or do they just mirror more traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity, subject and object and the representational and real? out_of_body includes work by Daniela Azahlner, Larry B & Suzannah Pettigrew, Kara Gut, Abi Laurel, Martina Menegon and Georgie Roxby Smith.  Presented on a loop, in no particular order and with no structural or representational hierarchy, each work is treated equally and given the full screen to perform.

Curated by Drive-Thru

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