Rebecca Edwards is curator of arebyte Gallery in Hackney Wick, and curator/founder of arebyte LASER in Clerkenwell. 

The current programme at arebyte LASER, titled Hotel Generation, focuses on emerging talent, born around 1989, to consider how they are reacting to the extreme present, and how this might go someway into determining the future of exhibition making and the idea of collective ownership, or collective authorship. 

Taking its starting point from the idea of a city-takeover; a series of small residency style exhibitions by artists from different cities, Hotel generation looks at the conundrum of the 89plus and Y generation in relation to the critical essay, Network Fatigue, written by Pablo Larios in 2014.

The artists are asked to approach the short exhibition period to instigate a slowness which might otherwise not be present - the slowing of time through displacement is proposed as a strategy to impede capitalistic modes of production. The series of small residency-style exhibitions act as a disassociated group show; a succession of solo or duo exhibitions which form chapters in the programme. The aim is to cast a net(work) out from the Capital to draw in regional voices, forming a meta-narrative for the programme which in turn adopts these sub-networks prevalent in other cities.

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