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1. Laura de Vogel
Pink Smoke Signals (2015)
Single-channel video, 00:04:20 (looped) 
Courtesy of the artist

2. Tessa Mars
Si Dieu... (2017) 
Acrylic on canvas / 35 cm x 28 cm
Image courtesy of the artist

a. Alberto Giacometti and Samuel Beckett in Giacometti’s studio in Paris, 1961. Giacometti was commissioned by Beckett to make a sculpture of a tree for the set of Waiting for Godot. It was destroyed in the May 1968 Paris riots when students occupied the Odéon Théâtre during the protests.


Photo by George Pierre , Courtesy Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, Paris

3. Katrin Hanusch

(tree), 2017

Patinated bronze cast, Iroko

50 x 12 x 35 cm

Image courtesy of the artist

4. Travis Geertruida

Family Feud (2016)

Image courtesy of the artist

5. Tim Etchells
For Words (2013)
115 x 14 cm
Image courtesy of the artist and VITRINE

b. Photograph by Charlie Godet Thomas, Manchester, UK (2010)

6. Richard Hards

Hold It Closer (2017)

Reprogrammed ceiling lights, Arduino, relays

Documentation showing Hold It Closer as installed as a part of This is where we fall, a three-person exhibition by Richard Hards, Freya Gabie and Theo Harper at Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London in 2017.

Courtesy of the artist

8. Freya Gabie
Suns out, Guns out (2013)
C -Type photograph documenting a performance in Shafer, USA, where iron casts of vegetables where taken to a gun shop to be 'blued.' The objects were always referred to as guns. MN, USA, 2013
Image courtesy of the artist

10. Benji Jeffrey

Documentation of For Whom Does the Bell Toll? (2016)

As installed at Palazzo Zenobia, Venice.

Courtesy of the artist

11. Ralph Pritchard
Heaven Hell (2017)
Dual-channel video, 00:09:38
Courtesy of the artist

9. Natasha Cox
Around the Aperture: on reading and writing (2017)
Courtesy of the artist

7. Alida Sayer
The Balcony Hotel I
Conservation grade Japanese Gampi tissue, natural pigments, Himalayan Rose salt
Commissioned by The National Trust/N-CAS for an exhibition at Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk, 2017
Private collection
Courtesy of the artist, photograph by Philip Sayer

c. Photograph by Charlie Godet Thomas, Montagrier, France (2012)

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