Shy Bairns is a DIY risograph publication aimed to gather northern creatives in one space and showcase their work. Due to lack of resources and funding, accessible northern gallery spaces are limited; Shy Bairns creates a platform that doesn’t rely on institutional support for the promotion of artists and their ongoing practice. Their self titled series includes work from anyone who calls the North ‘home’, with contributors including a range of students, MA graduates, and people who have never studied art. Their first publication, The Only Pizza Shop Where I Live Burnt Down, was released December 2016, and their second, Where's Your Coat You're Going To Be Cold, is due to be released April 2017. 


Where's Your Coat is a online exhibition released alongside their second zine, and physical exhibition, featuring artists from issue 1 and 2 of the series. Aiming to showcase more digital work, Shy Bairns also intend to give a nod to how important online community and connections are to gain opportunities for artists living in the North, specifically in rural areas. Where's Your Coat You're Going To Be Cold opens in Salford at Caustic Coastal on the 27th of April 2017. 


Founded in 2016 by Georgia Gibson, Erin Blamire, Eleanor Haswell and Izzy Kroese. 

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Where's Your Coat