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is this it?

this is it?

isn’t it?

i heard screams in my mind - sounded like a blend of screaming, metal clanging and barking dogs, but thankfully that didn't go on through all the night.


Pain, sorrow, suffering an infinite pulsing torment for conscious beings.

The Jackal laughs, the angel brings holy fire and judgement.

All man, for all time, consumed by dark desire. Endless fields of war, corpses, broken bloodied men, forever. This is US.

We are the dark, we are the fire, we are the universes cracked desire.

The cosmos inflicting pain on itself in an attempt to feel.. to feel.. something... ANYTHING.

We aren’t going to stop until the sun burns out. No escape off this planet, our home, our mother. We will stay here, murdering and torturing each other for fun until the last of us perishes.

If this is reality I want nothing to do with it. I have seen it now,

in vision, in dream.. in life.

What else is left..

Tired now, need to sleep. Smashed my phone to stop the vibrating. But... I am still vibrating..

*bzzzzzzzz* *bzzzzzzz* *bzzzzzzzz*

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