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Magickian and fool,

sage and clown,

lost and found.

I see the top and bottom, the worm in the dirt and the bird in the sky.

I conjure the bird.. i wonder thunderbird.

Dark moon magik.

iPhone as wand, currents out my fingers, E-LEC-TRIC- ITYYYY

Alien consciouness. Out of smoke, clouds, sirius is influencing the evolutionary outcomes of the planet. Only whee can counterACT these incursions. Me n’ me and magic and movement. The diamond is carried by the lowest to highest by the tiny creatures, as above so below, we must moove 2gethear. One OHM-niMinD, mined for it’s precious minerals,

It is our only chance.

I hear a distant knocking on wood... a vibrating phone in a corner...

i can’t move but i am vibrating, faster, faster noww, will I ever stoP

 I see a glint of sunlight off glass through my own pane again.


The wind weaves through the leaves outside, it rustles. Brustles and bristles, patternated chaos of wind and rain, beauty and peace.

I shed a tear and ascend.

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