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Strange dreams larst night guys, felt a feminine form, a power deep and primal. A cutting of Dionysian excess, a cull of

“TOO MUCHNESS”. A defoliation of mans overreach.


I don’t know..

I’m feeling kind of strange tbh fam.


Not quite myself.

Sure I’ll be okay in a couple of days, just need to rest up, have a nice cuppa and all that.

The leaves though... something in the leaves.

Maybe if read the tea leaves I can make some sense of this..

it looks like, err,

it looks like a skull?

Anyways need to finish off some work for my manager, apparently it’s important.

Something about efficiency savings in our department.. not sure.


Best not to worry hey!

All I can think about is leaves at the moment, changing from green to orange to brown, as if all communicating together.


Maybe I’ll have a look online about all that stuff.

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