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They, they. IT!

They “live” inside the Earth. They feed on it..on..US.


Deep historical reptoid thought patterns, it never left, just got buried under new cortical folds.

And I.T. enables them.

It. Is. Machine. It. Is. Mind.

A great and crumbling, collapsing machine. It Is..




It’s goals are not our goals.

It is a thought smelter, predicated on the “I”. w/all that that entails.

Slag, by-product, people scorched alive, catastrophic meltdowns, all of it.

Too late now, the feedback loops are accelerating exponentially.

It’s only going to get more MORE.

Work emailed asking if i was coming in, I don’t think I am.


I think I am out now.. far far out.

The machinoided intelligence,

the Robo-God, I can feel it,

feel it’s slow awakening.


The tendrils of it’s omni-mInd reaching into every phone, computer, screen and in turn, every human brain.

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