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i see visions.





it runs OUT.

The time runs, the time never stops running, one way or t’other.

I think my phone went this morning, looked like it was work or my mother.. or.. I’m not sure tbh, sorry guys.

I’ve slept and was feeling okay but have been getting visions, darkness creeping up on me, the realisation of mortality, the impossibility of death in my own living mind. I see symbols. Skulls, roses... FIRE. LIFE, live in the death, it’s making sense, we’re all alive as we die and the sUn annnd thee moon, the phases of the moon, her antiquity, her luminary reflection, waxing/waning/waxing/waning, gibbering, great grand gibbering gibbousnesssss.

What. Does. It. Mean?

I am at the center, a rose grows, I am at the centre. Of my own universe. YES.

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