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Stretching my booty, 

yawning while u smooch me,

I tell you to make me a smoothie.

I play with your hair,

and put strawberries on your nipples.

You press harder on the blender, 

I do press-ups on the counter. 

You were swimming in the toilet

with gold fish and ninja turtles,

whilst I was sliding on your buttocks

fishing for charlie’s little angels.

You had fingers as fins and 

fake nails instead of gills,

your pee smelt of gin 

and your tears as piss.

You wanted to love me,

whilst I was instagramming, 

a little poo wearing a bucket hat

with tattoos drinking aloevera juice.

Pouring smoothie in the crystal

little pony on your knickers, 

wiggles nicely on your ass cheeks, 

even doing  a little dance,

I get up to wash the crystal.

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