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Soft Body Protocol presents ; Doobie Web is A VR/CW honey trap ;



Soft Body Protocol is a web project initiated by Bora Akinciturk & Mehmet Duran which focuses on artificial intelligence, hacker culture, cloning, conspiracy theories and underground cults - aiming to blur time, fiction and real world scenarios. As a sequel to their 2018 release It’s a Very Lonely Place they have collaborated with Iain Ball’s project p͎a͎t͎h͎o͎l͎o͎g͎y͎ ͎l͎o͎o͎p͎, along with audio produced by Berk Çakmakçı (Age Reform) to develop the website The site functions as a decoy to derail the original narrative of It’s a Very Lonely Place. The megacorp VR/CW has been orchestrating a psyop whereby Doobie Web; originally considered a resistance movement running parallel to a cybershamanic cult trying to take down VR/CW has been outed as a subsidiary of the megacorp ; by the very corporation that dreamed it up in the first place (talk about reverse false flag! XD). No one knows what happened to the cult as all traces have been erased, replaced with Doobie Web and now resistance seems impossible.


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