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Stored in the Depths


Existing as a fragmented webpage of images and videos by 16 emerging artists, ‘Stored in the Depths’ presents content that has been hoarded in the depths of artists devices, consisting of moments of intrigue, accidental shots and ‘home video’ style footage that has been captured and then forgotten. The exhibition expands on an ongoing series of work I have been producing since 2015 tilted ‘750x1334’ that utilises similar content from my own device, this series and in turn ‘Stored in the Depths’ are interested in how the process of image making/capture can produce unintentional artworks. The works in the exhibition cover a broad range of themes and concepts however they are all united through their intention, each image and video has been selected for its conception as something other than an artwork. This selection process calls into question how we make that distinction between art making and image capture, is image capture a more inclusive action, and is this a process that is becoming more widely understood in an ever increasing image based environment. For the artist ‘unintentional art’ does provide a framework of unconscious creation, that perhaps allows the artist to operate outside of a more interrogated process.


Exhibiting artists include Ashley Holmes, Carly Whitaker, Holly Hendry, Isabelle Southwood, Jack Fisher, Jade Annaw, Jemma Egan, Joseph Buckley, Karl Sims, Luca George, Lucy Vann, Meg Brain, Perce Jerrom, Rebecca Gould, Sarah-Joy Ford, Tom McGinn

Luke Nairn

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