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There has been several failed attempts to set the right mood to go through these things...

An attempt to think of how to talk about things...

How do we set up an ontology between

'what it is' and 'what it can be'?


The moment of identifying,

the moment of naming,

the moment of inquiring

Which is the mood

one need to be in?


This is the image of a day in which it was cloudy, sunny, rainy, foggy and clear at the same time


This is the image of a day that probably inspired Magritte's Empire of Light painting from 1953-54 in which one experience both day and night, light and darkness, nature and technology


These things here… these things there… these things altogether… these things apart… these things coming closer… these things moving away… these things clustered… these things spaced out… these things crossing borders… these things fighting… these things not settled… these things unsettled… these things hanging over… these things shot dead… these things in you… these things…


This is here… this is there… this is altogether… this is apart… this is coming closer… this is moving away… this is clustered… this is spaced out… this is crossing borders… this is fighting… this is not settled… this is unsettled… this is hanging over… this is shot dead… this is in you… this is…


Is this here? Is this there? Is it altogether? Is this apart? Is this spaced out? Is this crossing borders? Is this fighting? Is this not settled? Is this unsettled? Is this hanging over? Is this shot dead? Is this in you? Is this it?


This video was shot in Milano, Italy during the month of April and it shows a public presentation of an italian singer accompanied by two of his friends, one takes care of the situation while the other dances intuitively to his friend's verses... a boring person would say improvises, I prefer to call it an enthusiastic dance, a joyful dance... it calls my attention for its high performance with no props involved. Perhaps this is the mood we need.


To engage with you and with the world in an enthusiastic dance. Attempting to open spaces for new modes of existence.

To engage with you and with the world in an enthusiastic dance. Attempting to open spaces for new modes of existence.

Going through these thoughts I came up with two rolling schemes that should produce a moving image of what this thinking produce in matters of the ontology of the art making firstly, and of the art experience secondly. I am trying to understand how we can question our own processes of making choices. Furthermore I am trying to understand in which position we put the public of our work, both ethically and bodily. For that I present you the IDENTIFY-NAME-INQUIRE ROLLING SCHEME and the ACCOMPLICE-VICTIM-WITNESS ROLLING SCHEME. 

Marcel Darienzo



​4' loop

An ontology between 'what it is' and 'what it can be' resides in the tensions of 'reproduction' and 'invention' and how these two modes of existence and action change radically how we identify, name and inquire.

Marcel Darienzo



​4' loop

Thinking through this ontology between 'what it is' and 'what it can be' I kept on problematizing a politics of spectatorship that would arise from it. As we always put our public in a position towards our work, I started thinking in the positions of the victim, the accomplice and the witness. And further, which power relies into taking this in consideration while making the work? How far should we inquire these? Do they produce active or passive engagements with the work, the context and the complexity of ideas?

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