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isthisit? is delighted to host txtrMap_terrainArray (2019), a new web-based artwork by New York artist Brenna Murphy accompanied by newly commissioned writing by Jamie Sutcliffe (UK).

"The page is a tapestry, a codex, a song. Its structure is coded grids, nested and varied. The materials woven through the framework are textures - visual and sonic. Some I've gathered with my lens and some I've generated algorithmically.


As a page, it is meant to be scrolled. Scroll it up, down, sideways, in, out. Your path ripples with a zoom and a crunch. You're navigating a terrain, you're sliding down a surface."

To view Brenna’s work click here


The piece does not work on phones.

Give the page a moment to load before you explore.

Adjust your volume to prepare for sound.

Press shift or cmd or ctrl while you scroll to zoom or slide.

To read Jamie’s text click here

txtrMap_terrainArray is the third and final commission of a 3 part project titled SuperHumanCorporation: An Exploration of Digital Nature, curated by James Irwin. By commissioning a series of web-based moving image and sound works, partnered by new online texts exploring the topic of digital materiality, the programme aims to create a set of signposts pointing to a digital nature; within the esoteric structures of the Internet, what can we hold onto as being inherently 'human'? The first two iterations were hosted by the now defunct Space In Between gallery (London), and included artworks by artists Rowena Harris (UK) and Andrew Benson (US), accompanied by texts by Nicholas O’Brien (US) and Laura Davidson (UK).

Brenna Murphy weaves trans-dimensional labyrinths using personal recording devices, computer graphics programs and digital fabrication. Her work is an
ongoing meditation on the psychedelic composition of embodied experience across physical and virtual realms. She also works collaboratively with Birch Cooper under the collective name MSHR, producing interactive sound installations and ceremonial performances. Her work is represented by Upfor.


Jamie Sutcliffe is an art writer and co-director of Strange Attractor Press (distributed by MIT). His essays, reviews, and interviews have been published by Art Monthly, Frieze, Rhizome, The White Review, EROS Journal, and The Quietus, while catalogue essays have been commissioned by the New Museum, New York, the Austrian Cultural Forum, London, and Primary, Nottingham. He co-edits A-or-ist, a journal of new art writing, and Berserker, a journal of genre
studies, outlandish comics, science fiction and oddball graphics. Recent and forthcoming curated projects include The Psychopathic Now! at Flat Time House, and a two venue exhibition exploring the politics of gaming through Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid mythos at CGP, London.


James Irwin is an artist living and working in London. Solo exhibitions include Listening to Xanax, Gossamer Fog, London (2018), Binary Translations, Space In Between, London (2013) and Hopeless Communication, Space In Between (2011). Web projects include The Edge, (2018), Spread the Virus, (2018) and Could Ecopsychology cure my Cyberchondria, (2016). Group exhibitions include Terms and Conditions May Apply, Annka Kultys Gallery, London (2018), Home Alone, Dateagleart, London (2018), How the mind comes to be furnished (collaborative project with Lilah Fowler), Space In Between (2016) and Let’s Pluck the Bird, Limoncello (london (2013). He is a PhD candidate at the Contemporary Art Research Centre, Kingston School of Art where he is using printmaking and the moving image to research authenticity within post digital image making.

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