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Levan Amashukeli aka Zmudart

Automatic Reality (2016)

Laila Majid

wibblewoBBbble sllurrrRrRpy prrrRRobe (2016)

Agnieszka Zimolag

Phantom Surface (2016)

Virtual Shadows

isthisit? #15 contained three works, with two of the pieces functioning as vignettes to Agnieszka Zimolag's video work 'Phantom Surface'. The film, seeking to blur various barriers between the real and the virtual, feels incredibly clinical and considered, almost too perfect. This constructed ‘hyper-reality’ that Zimolag introduces the viewer to is contrasted by Laila Majid’s endless gif of a tongue, ‘wibblewoBBbble sllurrrRrRpy prrrRRobe’. This short repetitive visceral experience brings Zimolag's work back to ‘our’ reality, reminding you that everything isn’t quite so overly produced in ’real life’, and quite literally connects Levan Amashukeli’s painting ‘Automatic Reality’ to the virtual assemblage. A work that contains elements of fantasy blended with reality whilst exploring the artists’ memory shadows, the watery reds of the painting attempt to function in contrast with the mixture of greys and blacks within Zimolag's video as well as complimenting the pinks of Majid’s tongue. Each piece is severely dominated by Zimolag's soundtrack, a darkly ambient soundscape that opens up another point of interpretation for both Amashukeli’s and Majid’s work, adding an overarching experience to the micro exhibition.

​Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight

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